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The Secret Danger Liberals Don't Want You to Know: Fracking is Safe?

Hydraulic fracturing started out as an “exploding torpedo” back in 1865. Today, nearly 150 years later, the actual process has made giant technological strides, but now, it's the topic that’s explosive. While the White House has been encouraging Christmas dinner table conversation to center around Obamacare, in my experience, it is fracking that came into the conversation—and when it did, the results had the potential to be as explosive as the early practice. Over the holidays two young adults came home for Christmas. Somehow hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” came into the conversation. Dad, a reader of my column whose employment is also peripherally connected to the oil-and-gas industry, spoke up in support of the practice that has unleashed America’s natural resources and made us the world leader in energy production. His children, and their friends who had gathered in his home, were shocked and spouted the usual claims of water contamination, harsh chemicals, and flaming fa…

Veteran Meteorologist Joe Bastardi Calls Climate Scientists’ Claims That More Sea Ice Proves Global Warming ‘Just Really Despicable’

At his Saturday Summary (12/28 here) veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi comments on how humiliated global warming alarmist scientists are trying to save face by claiming that all the new polar sea ice proves global warming. Antarctic sea ice has been approaching record highs and embarrassed alarmist scientists are scrambling to explain why. After presenting his weather information, at the 7:10 mark Joe gets to the nitty-gritty on climate. Global sea ice 1 million square kilometers above normal. Cropped from Saturday Summary. Now, I’ve got to do this because the global warming agenda is just really despicable in trying to claim the increase in Antarctic sea ice, opposite of what they said several years ago, and now they are trying to deny they said that, is a sign of global warming.” Makes you wonder if climate scientists put water in the oven at home to try to make ice cubes. Arctic sea ice has leveled off Joe also shows Arctic sea ice has actually leveled off over the last few years, attrib…

1969 : Scientists Worried About A New Ice Age


Climate change debate ready to heat up in 2014 as major aspects of Obama’s climate plan come to fruition?

Policies surrounding climate change are poised to heat up in 2014 as major aspects of President Obama's climate plan come to fruition.

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce historic final standards aimed at curbing carbon emissions from the nation's power plants in June, but not before lawmakers and industry groups give their two cents on the issue.
Next year, Republicans are expected to continue the crusade against the administration's climate regulations, which they have dubbed the "war on coal." 

Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), who sits on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW), and Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, blasted the administration and EPA consistently throughout 2013 on the "faulty" science behind the new climate regulations and a "lack of transparency."

Vitter said in his year-end review of Obama's Climate Action Plan that Republicans o…

EPA should be eliminated as the threat to the nation it has become

The Supreme Court has taken up another case based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s campaign of lies that carbon dioxide is the cause of “climate change” and claims about the quality of air in the United States. The Court is composed of lawyers, not scientists.

At this point in the present era, the Court has made rulings that run contrary to the original, clear intent of the U.S. Constitution and has wrought havoc on our society.

In 1973 it ruled that the killing of unborn babies was protected and millions since then have been deliberately killed. It extended protection to sodomy and same-sex marriage. It is destroying the fabric of our society that has served Americans well for more than two hundred years.

It ruled that the Affordable Health Care Act was a “tax”, enabling the Obamacare to be unleashed with the subsequent loss of health care plans by millions of Americans, often the loss of their personal physician, and the requirement that deeply-held religious oppo…

Coal Must Embrace All-Out Battle with Eco-Bullies Meekly accepting blame for climate change dooms the industry and the greater economy.?

Imagine you have been wrongfully arrested, charged with murdering a child. Although the evidence against you is sketchy, the police have no other suspects, and with the government anxious to appease those demanding justice, your case is rushed to trial. Your lawyer decides that with public sentiment strongly against you, the best course of action is to plead guilty and to throw yourself at the mercy of the court. But then, police find eyewitnesses who place you miles from the scene of the crime when it occurred. Your lawyer even discovers that the victim’s body has yet to be found — and there is now some question as to whether the child ever existed. With a sense of relief you head to court, confident this new information will lead to the case being dismissed.

But to your astonishment, your lawyer does not even bring up evidence of your innocence. Instead he pleads for leniency, which gives the court moral authority to punish you for a crime you never committed and perhaps never even…

Is the Administration trying to regulate Hydraulic Fracturing through OSHA?

The federal rulemaking process depends on sound science, especially when human lives are at stake. A proposed rule from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would stiffen regulations for crystalline silica, a group of minerals used in numerous industries, including hydraulic fracturing. Prolonged exposure to respirable crystalline silica is associated with silicosis, an incurable disease that causes impaired respiratory function and scarring of the lungs. Unfortunately, OSHA’s proposed rule fails the sound science test.

OSHA’s rule relies on outdated data and ignores declines in silicosis mortality rates, according to Susan Dudley and Andrew Morriss of The George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center. Moreover, the rule would impose enormous costs on American manufacturers, including oil and gas companies involved in hydraulic fracturing.  As Dudley and Morriss explain in a public interest comment submitted to OSHA:

OSHA faces multiple chahtt…

Kreutzer Discusses Impact of Carbon Tax

Over the summer, the Institute for Energy Research (IER) hosted a conference entitled, “A U.S. Carbon Tax: The Rest of the Story.” We picked experts from both academia and policy analysis to demonstrate that the American public has been getting a very biased perspective on the case for a carbon tax. Even if we accept at face value the official position of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the natural physical science of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, the economic science doesn’t automatically point to a U.S. carbon tax the way its proponents would have us believe.

I have already posted about my own presentation on the panel (concerning some surprising facts about the “social cost of carbon”), the talk given by Dr. Ross McKitrick on the alleged “double dividend” of carbon taxes, and the presentation by Dr. Kenneth Green on why he changed his mind about carbon taxes. In this final post, I’ll cover the remarks from Dr. David Kreutzer o…

GOP lawmakers accuse EPA of muzzling scientists on climate regulations?

Lindsay Abrams writing for the liberal Wed Site Salon . Com Thursday, Oct 10, 2013 Carbon capture technology isn’t living up to its promiseA new report finds we're way behind on technology that's supposed to help mitigate climate change
If we’re not going to reduce our use of fossil fuels enough to have a meaningful impact on climate change, we need to find another way to limit the amount of CO2 we release into the atmosphere. That’s the idea, at least, behind carbon capture and sequestration, or C.C.S., technology. And according to the New York Times, scientists and engineers generally agree that such technology will be necessary for meeting international emissions goals.

In reality, through, C.C.S. doesn’t seem to be on track to fulfill the vital role assigned to it. A new survey from the Global CCS Institute found that there are only 65 large-scale carbon capture projects currently underway worldwide, down from 75 in the past year. The Times explains:

The Internati…


or all the outcry over fracking, surprisingly little is said about flaring, unarguably the most wasteful, environmentally damaging byproduct of the new American oil and gas boom. Thanks to a lack of pipeline infrastructure to move it and collapsed prices for natural gas, drillers across the Bakken shale of North Dakota–one of the richest oil finds of the new revolution–are burning off gas that surfaces as they pump oil from the ground. As The New York Times’ Clifford Krauss reports this morning, the glow from 1,500 flares across the region is not only more visible from space than the city lights of Minneapolis, but it also creates six million tons of carbon dioxide annually, the equivalent of three medium-sized coal-fired power plants. Then there’s the waste. The burned gas, The Times estimates, could provide enough fuel to heat a million U.S. homes. But Statoil, Norway’s national oil company, may have a solution. The company, which has been rapidly expanding its operations both on- …

Warmist Are Still Wrong No Global Warming for 17 years 3 months’ — A Monckton Analysis

'The RSS data for September 1996 to November 2013 show no global warming at all for 17 years 3 months, despite a continuing record rate of increase in CO2 concentration.'

The Long Pause just got three months longer – it’s now 17 years 3 months
The RSS monthly global mean lower-troposphere temperature anomalies for November 1996 to October 2013 had shown no global warming for exactly 204 months – the first dataset to show the full 17 years without warming specified by Ben Santer as showing the models got it wrong.
After the sharp global cooling in November, the RSS data for September 1996 to November 2013 show no global warming at all for 17 years 3 months, despite a continuing record rate of increase in CO2 concentration.

The models are badly underestimating the magnitude of natural influences on global temperature, not the least of which is the recent decline in solar activity. They are also badly overestimating the warming effect of CO2.

Since CO2 does cause some warming. it …

Bipartisan Senate duo urge end to wind tax credit?

A bipartisan Senate duo is pushing for an end to federal support of the wind energy industry.


On Tuesday, Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) led a group of eight Republican senators in sending a letter to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.), requesting that the committee desert attempts to renew the wind Production Tax Credit (PTC).

The tax credit, given to wind power owners per kilowatt-hour of electricity that they produce, is set to expire at the end of this year.

"The extension gave the wind industry the multi-year certainty that it had requested, so now it is time to let this technology stand on its own," the senators wrote in Tuesday's letter.

The task of extending clean energy tax credits has fallen on the Finance Committee, the letter notes, and the wind tax credit should be "excluded from any legislation the committee may consider."

Baucus's goal has always been to address the wind tax cre…

Update: Senate overules EPA with… some common sense. (stop laughing)

Back in mid November, Junk Science reported on the EPA’s sudden mandate to pretty much block any new fire hydrant installations/repairs due to their hysteria over lead.
Sen. Schumer [D-NY} pushed through a law yesterday exempting the hydrants.

original JS post:

Schumer’s press release:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 18, 2013


Schumer Has Recently Taken Serious Issue with the Federal EPA’s Rules, Released in October, That Apply New Standards for the Amount of Lead That Fire Hydrants Can Contain, Due to the Very Rare Occurrence That They Provide Drinking Water

Schumer Announces that Thanks to Legislation, Which Passed the Senate Last Night, Fire Hydrants Are Permanently Exempt from Reduced-Lead Standards – Otherwise, on January 4, 2014 …