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Al Gore Warmists fiddle historic sea level change data Past sea-level change is imagined downward. Therefore, sea level change is accelerating.

As with NOAA’s fiddling with historic temperature data, the past cannot be scientifically adjusted since the results cannot be confirmed.

The PNAS study is here.

The Truth about the Climate Change Fraud

This graph of the “CO2 caused heating of the atmosphere is a measure of the lengths the “Global Warming, We’re All Gonna Die!” panic pushers, Al Gore, Dr. Jim Hansen and Dr. Joe Romm, the New York Times “Climate Change Editor,” and even comic relief “Bill Nye The Science Guy” use as “scientific evidence” of the crisis.
Few will notice this is a 0.8 Celsius degree, 1.44 Fahrenheit degrees, over 160 years, but no main-stream science writer or journalist has reported this quantity is “…within the circle of confusion,” “experimental variation,” “normal measuring or natural deviations” and so on:  All polite, academic language for “Screw it!”
A far more accurate representation of the last 160 years of our temperature records is seen in a graph that displays the full range from Absolute Zero to the ambient temperature as that puts heat into a proper context.  Earth is said to have an average temperature of ten Celsius degrees as digging down a few feet anywhere but within the…

$3.2 million for advising the unwashed to keep meat off the dinner plate Obama surpasses algore as Global Warming’s Biggest Hypocrite

Barack Obama who’s about as much a nutrition expert as his wife Michelle, was paid a whopping $3.2 million as keynote speaker at the Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan, Italy on Tuesday, speaking about food security and climate change. That’s $3.2 million for advising the unwashed to keep meat off the dinner plate. Likely hoping most wouldn’t remember the $100-per serving wagyu steak he preferred to have served up in the White House during his days as president, Obama now warns the world that more people on the planet are eating meat—causing a dramatic rise in climate emissions.
All global warming gurus, past and present, leave Sasquatch-sized global footprints on the same Mother Earth they claim to be rescuing The unproven theory that eating meat causes a spike in climate emissions comes straight from the propaganda of his late environmental mentor, UN Poster Boy Maurice Strong, who told a UN conference in 1992..:“It is clear that current lifestyles and consump…

Barack Obama in Milan: Climate Change ‘Created by Man’ and ‘Can Be Solved by Man’

So Obama, you drop bomb's,  on the planet, you claim your try to save?

New Study Is Disastrous News For Al Gore Fracking Opponents, Global Warming Alarmists

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as “fracking,” has been the target of numerous environmental groups and climate change alarmists since becoming a significant part of the U.S. economy. Fracking has allowed companies to extract oil and natural gas from the ground in areas that were once thought to be impossible to get to, which means in the minds of environmental extremists, it’s helping to contribute to man-caused global warming. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, if fracking were banned, as many environmentalists have suggested, there would be 14.8 million fewer jobs by 2022 and the price of gasoline and electricity would double compared to what they would otherwise be. Because fracking has provided incredible economic benefits, especially in many states in the Midwest and West, environmentalists have attempted to argue it should be banned based on other potential risks. One of the most cited “problems” fracking allegedly causes is the contamination of drinking wate…