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Proving Al Gore Wrong Again! Report: Humans Sparked 84 Percent Of US Wldfires, Increased Fire Season Over 2 Decades

The media release is below.

Humans sparked 84 percent of US wildfires, increased fire season over 2 decades

Humans have dramatically increased the spatial and seasonal extent of wildfires across the U.S. in recent decades and ignited more than 840,000 blazes in the spring, fall and winter seasons over a 21-year period, according to new research.

After analyzing two decades’ worth of U.S. government agency wildfire records spanning 1992-2012, the researchers found that human-ignited wildfires accounted for 84 percent of all wildfires, tripling the length of the average fire season and accounting for nearly half of the total acreage burned.

The findings were published today in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

“There cannot be a fire without a spark,” said Jennifer Balch, Director of CU Boulder’s Earth Lab and an assistant professor in the Department of Geography and lead author of the new study. “Our results highlight th…

'Global Warming' is a Crock of Sh*t


AL Gore Fake News: Global Warming Edition?

Fake news has become part of the daily lexicon due to efforts of once respected news outlets such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN to destroy the candidacy and now the presidency of Donald Trump.  Fake news is produced with the singular goal of advancing a political agenda – the agenda of the left.

Fake news has also permeated another cause near and dear to the left: climate change, formerly known as global warming.

The Daily Mail reported on a high-level whistleblower at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) revealing fake news from the government agency.  Specifically, NOAA "[r]ushed to publish a landmark paper that exaggerated global warming and was timed to influence the historic Paris Agreement on climate change."
Why the NOAA publication?  U.N. scientists in 2013 noted a "pause" in global warming since 1998, confounding Al Gore, Prince Charles, Barack Obama, Leo DiCaprio, and others riding the global warming bandw…

Boom… Al Gore Warmists Admit Rapid Warming Not Unusual Since Last Ice Age

That giant sucking sound is the black hole-like collapse of the notion that today’s climate is warming far more rapidly than in the past. Too bad for the (below) Guardian headline from a couple days ago. Key admission: Heinrich events [since the last Ice Age] were followed by brief periods of rapid warming. The Northern Hemisphere warmed repeatedly by as many as 15 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few decades. The media release and abstract are below. ### How an Ice Age paradox could inform sea level rise predictions
UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR — New findings from the University of Michigan explain an Ice Age paradox and add to the mounting evidence that climate change could bring higher seas than most models predict. The study, published in Nature, shows how small spikes in the temperature of the ocean, rather than the air, likely drove the rapid disintegration cycles of the expansive ice sheet that once covered much of North America. The behavior of this ancient ice sheet — called L…

Al Gore New Claim: Global Warming Disappearing Oxygen From Oceans

Here are the reported results: Here’s the data coverage from the study. Sure looks unsystematic. The media release and abstract are below. ### Global ocean de-oxygenation quantified
The first in-depth study on the observed global ocean oxygen content was just published by Kiel scientists in Nature HELMHOLTZ CENTRE FOR OCEAN RESEARCH KIEL (GEOMAR) Oxygen is an essential necessity of life on land. The same applies for almost all organisms in the ocean. However, the oxygen supply in the oceans is threatened by global warming in two ways: Warmer surface waters take up less oxygen than colder waters. In addition, warmer water stabilizes the stratification of the ocean. This weakens the circulation connecting the surface with the deep ocean and less oxygen is transported into the deep sea. Therefore, many models predict a decrease in global oceanic oxygen inventory of the oceans due to global warming. The first global evaluation of millions of oxygen measurements seems to confirm this trend …