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Common Sense and Climate Change, Climate-predicting computer models are man-made, and their outcomes are self-serving for the men who designed them, while actual changes to the climate are the result of natural, cyclical forces, far beyond the control of man

Scientists believe that over the last two billion years or so, there have been as many as seventeen times that Earth has experienced an Ice Age.  They suspect an Ice Age when they see shifts in geological formations that are so severe that the only explanation appears to be glaciers forming and moving large quantities of land from one part of the continent to another part.

Each Ice Age is estimated to have lasted for at least 100,000 years, with some lasting millions of years.  Each was eventually followed by a period of gradual warming, resulting in the glaciers melting and retreating, and leaving behind the land that the glaciers had moved or carved.  Contrary to anything being reported in the mainstream media, we are currently living in an Ice Age. Man did not inhabit the planet during any of the Ice Ages, except the last one.  For those Ice Ages that took place prior to man, the only inhabitants of the planet were animals and plants.  They were also all that was left when the subseq…

The hilarious history of 'climate tipping points'

The UN is trying to scare us into believing we have only 15 years left. It looks ridiculous doing so, considering all the similar declarations that have come and gone. A brief history of “climate tipping point” declarations discloses that the only scary hot air comes from warmist blowhards. Marc Morano at Climate Depot debunks the fake hysteria being generated to jjstify a massive tax and power grab:
According to the Boston Globe, the United Nations has issued a new climate “tipping point” by which the world must act to avoid dangerous global warming. The Boston Globe noted on April 16, 2014: “The world now has a rough deadline for action on climate change. Nations need to take aggressive action in the next 15 years to cut carbon emissions, in order to forestall the worst effects of global warming, says the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.” Once again, the world is being warned of an ecological or climate “tipping point” by the UN.  In 1982, the UN issued a two decade tipping poi…

The Eroding Case Against Carbon Dioxide.

When I hear concerns about soil erosion, I always think about my grandma. She was an amazing woman. She grew up in Huron in the heart of the Great Depression, which just happened to coincide with the Dust Bowl. Growing up, my sister and I listened to her stories of dealing with the dust storms, stuffing rags in the window sills and the cracks around the doors in an attempt to keep the dust out of the house. Despite her best efforts, a fine film of dust would still cover the interior of the house.

The dust from the Dust Bowl claimed crops, cattle, and the lives of two children in Huron. To this day, when contractors cut into houses that survived the Dust Bowl, they find sand in between the interior and exterior walls. The Dust Bowl eroded more than the soil; it eroded a way of life.
Erosion is a problem that persists to this day, and it’s responsible for dust storms, mudslides and sinkholes. Fortunately, plants in forests, grasslands, and everywhere else set roots in the soil and help …

A History of the Disastrous Global Warming Hoax

“It is the greatest deception in history and the extent of the damage has yet to be exposed and measured,” says Dr. Tim Ball in his new book, “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science”.

Dr. Ball has been a climatologist for more than forty years and was one of the earliest critics of the global warming hoax that was initiated by the United Nations environmental program that was established in 1972 and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) established in 1988.
Several UN conferences set in motion the hoax that is based on the assertion that carbon dioxide (CO2) was causing a dramatic surge in heating the Earth. IPCC reports have continued to spread this lie through their summaries for policy makers that influenced policies that have caused nations worldwide to spend billions to reduce and restrict CO2 emissions. Manmade climate change—called anthropogenic global warming—continues to be the message though mankind plays no role whatever.
There is no scientific support f…

EPA All Out Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science”. says CO2, cow-pig manure and urine rank 1-2-3 as global warming threat?

Warmer winter weather, which many environmentalists blame on global warming, actually helped to cut emissions of global warming-causing greenhouse gasses to the lowest level in a decade, according to a new EPA report on climate change.

In the EPA's “Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks,” the agency said that greenhouse gas emissions dropped 3.4 percent in 2012 from 2011. And emissions are down to their lowest level since 1994.

Among the reasons cited: Less heating fuel is burned when it's warmer outside.

“The decrease from 2011 to 2012 was due to a decrease in the carbon intensity of fuels consumed by power producers to generate electricity due to a decrease in the price of natural gas, a decrease in transportation sector emissions attributed to a small increase in fuel efficiency across different transportation modes and limited new demand for passenger transportation, and much warmer winter conditions resulting in a decreased demand for heating fuel in the re…

Global warming now literally part of religion?

Global warming “skeptics” have long joked that belief in man-made global warming is a “religion.” Ironically, it has been part of some people’s religious practices for the past few years. For years, environmental activists were pretty much the only ones who really cared enough to take personal action against global warming, but now religious communities are joining in on the climate fight. From the U.S. to the UK to the Vatican, global warming activism has become part of the religious conversation. Carbon fasting in the U.S. For years, some U.S. Christians have been doing what they call a “carbon fast” for Lent — the period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. During this time, thousands of people make an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, whether it’s driving less or not investing in hydrocarbon fuels. New England Regional Environmental Ministries (NEREM) launched the effort in 2011. The goal of the “carbon fast” is to wean people off carbon dioxide-intensive goods and food…

Cost of fighting warming 'modest,' says UN panel

The Greenhouse Effect This section provides an overview of the earth's atmospheric "greenhouse effect" by briefly exploring the atmospheres of nearby planets and discussing our atmosphere's greenhouse gases. The general concepts found in this section include the following: The earth's "greenhouse effect" is what makes this planet suitable for life as we know it.
The earth's atmosphere contains trace gases, some of which absorb heat. These gases (water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, and nitrous oxide) are referred to as "greenhouse gases."
Albedo has an important influence on the earth's temperature.
Greenhouses are structures designed to retain heat.
The heat-trapping ability of a greenhouse is influenced by a number of factors including the transparency of the greenhouse cover, color of the surfaces inside the greenhouse, and type of surfaces inside. This section includes two classroom activities.
It is important to remember that w…

Cass Sunstein: Climate inaction a psychological problem — people not sufficiently afraid:

Cass Sunstein writes at Bloomberg See post below: 1.Cass Sunstein Nudged Obama Into the Ideology Of “Nudging” - The latest scandal concerning the Obama administration's seeking a way to control the people of the United States, using the Cass Sunstein approach of "nudge," is being talked about all over the internet. This is an almost Nazi-style way of getting people to do what you wish them to do without them even thinking you 2.Obama’s Czar Cass Sunstein… Just WHO Is This Radical, Anti-American Extremist Sitting In Our White House? In the world of Obama there can be no dissent or criticism of the “messiah” squatting in our White House, and any attempts to impugn the Obama plans for “change” must be demolished. So if negativity comes from the internet , then of course the blogosphere must be added to litany of government control and censorship.

The Obama appointment of Cass Sunstein, a Harvard Law professor, to the position of head of the White House Office of Informat…

Report: CO2 Is Not a Pollutant, Provides ‘Beneficial Impacts’ to Planet

( – Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but a naturally occurring chemical compound that benefits plants and thus, the planet and its inhabitants, according to a lengthy  report released Wednesday by the free-market Heartland Institute.

“Carbon dioxide is an aerial fertilizer that provides many beneficial impacts,” said Craig Idso, one of the lead authors of the report, when asked him to name the most salient finding of the 37 scientists from 12 countries who contributed to it.

“You can look at thousands of studies – real world data studies that have actually been conducted that demonstrate beyond any doubt that higher levels of CO2 are going to increase the productivity of plants,” Idso said.

“They’re real,” Idso said of the benefits of CO2. “They’re not imagined. They’re not projected. They’re real, and they’re occurring now.”

On December 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a final regulation listing CO2 as one of the greenhouses gases that i…

These certainly are desperate times, but it sounds like the times are desperate for the environmentalists., Do we need a climate Plan B?

The world needs a Plan B on climate change because politicians are failing to reduce carbon emissions, according to a UN report.
It warns governments if they overshoot their short-term carbon targets they will have to cut CO2 even faster in the second half of the century to keep climate change manageable.

If they fail again, they will have to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere.

This could be achieved by burning wood and capturing the CO2 emissions.

The gas could then be stored in rocks underground.

But a leaked draft of the UN report also says that the technology for carbon dioxide removal is untested at such a scale.

The authors warn that carbon removal systems may encounter resistance from the public - and if the policy goes wrong, it could damage forests and ecosystems

The final draft report to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) adopts a new tone of realism in the face of repeated failures by governments to meet their rhetoric on climate change with action.…

First, it was cows. Now it's humans. Will Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama not stop until everything is regulated in the name of global warming, or climate change, or whatever it's called this week? So the stage is set. The EPA will protect us from evil cows that emit methane. We can all sleep better now. Or can we?

On March 28, 2014, Obama released a Fact Sheet meant to justify his unilateral actions to regulate climate change.  The Fact Sheet states that:
... last June, President Obama issued a broad-based Climate Action Plan, announcing a series of executive actions to reduce carbon pollution, prepare the U.S. for the impacts of climate change, and lead international efforts to address global climate change.
The Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced seven new "climate hubs" to help farmers and ranchers adapt their operations to a changing climate and the President's Budget proposed a $1 billion in new funding for new technologies and incentives to build smarter, more resilient infrastructure to help communities prepare for a changing climate.
In June, in partnership with the dairy industry, the USDA, EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] and DOE will jointly release a "Biogas Roadmap" outlining voluntary strategies to accelerate adoption of methane digesters and other…

Scaremongers Global Warmism's New Campaign: 'Loss and Damage'

We must make dramatic reductions in the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change (“mitigation”), and we must fund and implement programs to help people adapt to the effects of climate change that are already happening (“adaptation”). Increasingly, we will also need to help poor countries deal with unavoidable damages caused by climate change (“loss and damage”).
– anti-poverty K-Street non-profit ActionAid

The above statement lists the three ways that activists tackle what they call the “climate crisis.”  The concepts of mitigation and adaption are not new, but the third strategy, “loss and damage,” is a recent ideological banner that brings together advocates for global wealth redistribution based on climate injustice.  (Not to be confused with a “loss & damage waiver” from Hertz Rent-a-Car.)

It even has its own logo.
The concept was first introduced at the 2010 IPCC conference in Cancun.  In November 2013, at the IPCC’s 19th…