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OBAMA: ‘WE WILL BE JUDGED’ ON WHAT WE DO ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE/FACT CHECK: OBAMA GROUP DISTORTS GOP VIEW OF CLIMATE CHANGE IN NEW AD, Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler gave the video four “Pinocchios,” indicating “significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions.”

arack Obama said Americans will be “judged” on what they do to combat the threat of climate change, and urged them not to vote for any politicians who don’t vow to protect future generations. “Decades of carefully reviewed science tells us our planet is changing in ways that will have profound impacts on the world we leave to our children,” Obama said in his weekly address. “Already, we know that the 12 warmest years in recorded history have all come in the last 15, and that last year was the warmest in American history.” President Barack Obama wipes perspiration from his face as he speaks about climate change at Georgetown University in Washington, Tuesday, June 25, 2013. (AP) Obama’s address comes in the midst of his new push to combat pollution and prepare for the effects of changing climate, including setting first-ever limits for new and existing power plants on greenhouse gas emissions. He said those already feeling the effects of climate change “don’t have time to deny it, the…

Obama tries to make global warming an issue for voters:

Ask Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi how that worked out.
In his weekly radio address, Obama trie to make global warming an election issue:
If you agree with me, I’ll need you to act. Educate your classmates and colleagues, your family and friends. Speak up in your communities. Remind everyone who represents you, at every level of government, that there is no contradiction between a sound environment and a strong economy – and that sheltering future generations against the ravages of climate change is a prerequisite for your vote.Read more/Watch the address.

Supreme Court allows EPA to wreck car engines with E15 ethanol:

Dow Jones reports:
-The Supreme Court on Monday refused to consider legal challenges by several industry trade groups to an Environmental Protection Agency move to expand ethanol use in the U.S.
Trade groups for food producers, the oil and gas sector and the auto industry all sued to contest a pair of EPA decisions that allowed the sale of gasoline blends containing 15% ethanol. The agency regulates fuels based on the pollution they create.
Currently, most of the U.S. gasoline supply contains 10% of the renewable fuel.
The EPA’s move handed a partial victory to ethanol manufacturers, which had pushed the agency to allow the higher blends. The agency allowed the so-called E15 fuel for use in vehicles dating back to the 2001 model year, but not for older cars and trucks.
The various trade groups alleged they would suffer a variety of harms from the increased ethanol use.
For example, members of the food industry argued it would cost more to make and distribute food products …

Supreme Court agrees to review EPA Cross-State Air Pollution Rule:

WASHINGTON--The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday it would consider the Environmental Protection Agency's bid to save a clean-air regulation that limited power-plant emissions blowing across state lines.
A federal appeals court in Washington invalidated the EPA's effort last year, handing a significant defeat to the Obama administration's regulatory approach. The regulation required cuts in emissions of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide, both associated with higher rates of heart attacks and respiratory illnesses.
The EPA's Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, issued in 2011, sought to set pollution reductions for 28 upwind states whose emissions of soot- and smog-forming air pollution degrade the air quality of states downwind.
The regulation would have affected about 1,000 power plants in the eastern half of the U.S. To comply, companies with older coal-fired plants would have had to burn less coal, shut the plants down or pay for credits to offset…

Libertarian Reson Magazine: Obama’s Climate Five-Year Plan — Similar central planning led to demise of communist regimes:

The central planners in communist governments were notorious for issuing massively detailed top-down five-year plans to manage every facet of their economies. The accumulating inefficiency and waste produced by this sort of rigid planning led eventually to the demise of those regimes. RELATED ARTICLESSpying's the Real Story, Not Edward SnowdenGene Healy|6.25.13 Nothing But Blood in Syrian Intervention for U.S.Gene Healy|6.18.13 Citizens and the State: The Problem Is Bigger Than You ThinkA. Barton Hinkle|6.17.13 MORE ARTICLES BYRonald BaileyThe Power of People6.25.13 8:00 am Federal Regulations Have Made You 75 Percent Poorer6.21.13 1:30 pm Environmentalism, Innovation & Economics: Author Ramez Naam6.18.13 9:24 am OBAMA ADMINISTRATIONBARACK OBAMACLIMATE CHANGEGLOBAL WARMINGENERGYRENEWABLE ENERGYCOALELECTRICITY

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TEN MYTHS of Global Warming:

MYTH 1:  Global temperatures are rising at a rapid, unprecedented rate. FACT:  Accurate satellite, balloon and mountain top observations made over the last three decades have not shown any significant change in the long term rate of increase in global temperatures. Average ground station readings do show a mild warming of 0.6 to 0.8Cover the last 100 years, which is well within the natural variations recorded in the last millennium. The ground station network suffers from an uneven distribution across the globe; the stations are preferentially located in growing urban and industrial areas ("heat islands"), which show substantially higher readings than adjacent rural areas ("land use effects"). There has been no catastrophic warming recorded.
MYTH 2:The "hockey stick" graph proves that the earth has experienced a steady, very gradual temperature increase for 1000 years, then recently began a sudden increase. FACT:  Significant changes in climate have continu…

Claim: Chemical in antibacterial soaps may harm nursing babies

This is junk science because… This claim is based on a study in lab rats — and lab rats are not little people. Regardless of its actual efficacy in the real world, triclocarban has been used without obvious ill effect since the 1950s. The media release is below. ### UT study: Chemical in antibacterial soaps may harm nursing babies KNOXVILLE—A mother’s prolonged use of antibacterial soaps containing the chemical triclocarban may harm nursing babies, according to a recent study from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The study, which was conducted on rats, showed that exposure to the compound may reduce the survival rates of babies. Rebekah Kennedy, a UT graduate student pursuing a dual master’s degree in public health and nutrition, and Jiangang Chen, an assistant professor in the UT Department of Public Health, presented the results this month at the Endocrine Society’s 95th Annual Meeting and Expo in San Francisco. Kennedy was the study’s lead author. Triclocarban, a bactericide…

The Top 5 Lies Of Obama's Climate Change Speech.

False Witness: President Obama is being lauded for his plans to restrict carbon dioxide emissions. But the scheme looks more like the last refuge of a desperate movement, because the speech he gave in its defense was full of lies. Al Gore called Obama's Tuesday presentation at Georgetown University a "terrific and historic speech." It was not an honest message, though. His text was laden with myths, fables, distortions and outright lies. Here are the top five: 1. "The planet is warming." Earth's post-1950 warming trend stopped at least 16 years ago. This is an admission made by Britain's Met Office last fall. The media have confirmed the lack of warming, including the New York Times, which says the warming stopped 15 years ago rather than 16. 2. "Human activity is contributing to it." There is no way that Obama or anyone else can say with any degree of certainty that human activity is contributing to climate change. Weather and climate are compl…