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Wow… Obama Tax, Spend. Foreign Aid Obama pledges to cost $73 billion per year to possibly reduce warming by 0.02 degrees C. Here we go again Foreign Aid - The cold war foreign aid program, 1947–1953 Truman's initiatives were incorporated into the Mutual Security Act (MSA) of 1951, which succeeded the Marshall Plan and offered a new program of economic and, especially, military aid both for Europe and the developing world.

n its first year, for example, the act extended to Europe a combined military and economic package of $1.02 billion; in 1952, as the Korean War ground on, it included $202 million in military support to Formosa (Taiwan) and Indochina. In the wake of National Security Council document NSC 68 of 1950, which had called for large-scale military aid along with an enormous defense buildup, security-related assistance would become a hallmark of the Eisenhower era (1953–1961). Thus, while military assistance had been a little more than a third of the $28 billion in aid that the United States had extended during the Marshall Plan era (1949–1952), during the succeeding eight years, it was almost 50 percent of a larger, $43 billion total. Meanwhile, technical assistance under Point Four went to such countries as Liberia, Ethiopia, Eritrea (where the United States had a large surveillance post), Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, and Iran. Latin America was largely left out of Po…

Al Gore Dumbest Global Warming Study Ever Wins Raves From New York Times? “Greenland Is Melting Away”

climate deniers Now? Really? L.M.A.O climate deniers? liberal, that funny as hell, climate deniers?, how about living in the real world liberal climate deniers? R.O.T.F.L.M.A.O At climate deniers. just lol at liberal ever time that play the climate deniers? card make fun of it and liberal will learn that the climate deniers card is not working any-more

The Paris climate conference is only about six weeks away, and evil Republican “climate deniers” are looking to slash federal funding of what passes nowadays for climate science. So what’s an agency like NASA to do?

Call in the New York Times for a junk science-fueled airstrike. as Times columnist Nick Kristof tweeted, “a visually amazing piece,” featuring impressive aerial and satellite imagery of the Greenland ice sheet. The underlying story, on the other hand, is much less amazing. The article spotlights the efforts of a group of researchers who are collecting data on summertime melt of a river in Greenland. Readers are told: [The] sc…

Obama And Al Gore says pumpkins cause global warming?


New York City hires Al Gore Consultant to advise on risk of Global Warming to nvestments In Coal

New York City’s $55 billion civil-employees’ pension approved hiring a consultant to evaluate the risk climate change poses to its investments, seeking to avoid losses that could result from the ripple effects of rising temperatures. The retirement systems’ board on Tuesday also directed the Bureau of Asset Management in the Comptroller’s office to measure and disclose the “carbon footprint” of the portfolio, according to the text of a resolution approved by trustees. “A four degree increase will affect emerging markets, real estate, infrastructure, agriculture, timber, most asset classes -- and will affect most countries in this world -- in negative ways,” said Larry Schimmel, who represents New York City Public Advocate Tish James on the board of the civil employees’ fund. New York City has five public pension funds with assets totaling about $164 billion as of July 31. A study released Oct. 21 and co-authored by economists at Stanford University and the University of California Be…

Gov. Moonbeam and Janet Napolitano have a plan to combat Global Warming?

SAN DIEGO -- The University of California's top researchers have drafted a blueprint that they say outlines concrete action the state and the world should take to tackle climate change -- including reducing the carbon footprint of the wealthiest 1 billion.

UC President Janet Napolitano and Gov. Jerry Brown will discuss the blueprint Tuesday at a two-day climate change summit at UC San Diego.

UC officials say global warming could be slowed dramatically by reducing greenhouse gases such as methane emissions by 50 percent and black carbon by 90 percent over the next 15 years.

According to the plan, the wealthiest need to cut back dramatically while green energy needs to be made more available to the poorest 3 billion people.


UC experts are asking religious leaders to help foster change.

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No Al Gore,Trying Ater Global Warming IS Not lLke Not Apollo Space Program Are You A Space Nut That Say Lauch Instead Of Lunch?

Oft-heard nonsense uttered in the Financial Times.
Here it is.

The Apollo program was a well-defined, manageable and affordable challenge involving well-understood physics and conceivable/feasible engineering. None of that applies to global warming.
Click for the FT article.

Al Gore New York Time's Claim: Global warming causing Sierra Nevada mountain range to grow higher? L.M.A.O, is Funny As Hell?