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NYTimes: Global Warming Feels Quite Pleasant, the Pew Research Center found that Global Warming Ranked close to last on a list of the public’s policy priorities.


Environmentalists Trash Science 7 Enviro Predictions From Earth Day 1970 That Were Just Dead Wrong Photo of Andrew Follett

Environmentalists truly believed and predicted during the first Earth Day in 1970 that the planet was doomed unless drastic actions were taken. Humanity never quite got around to that drastic action, but environmentalists still recall the first Earth Day fondly and hold many of the predictions in high regard. So this Earth Day, The Daily Caller News Foundation takes a look at predictions made by environmentalists around the original Earth Day in 1970 to see how they’ve held up. Have any of these dire predictions come true? No, but that hasn’t stopped environmentalists from worrying.

From predicting the end of civilization to classic worries about peak oil, here are seven environmentalist predictions that were just flat out wrong. 1: “Civilization Will End Within 15 Or 30 Years” Harvard biologist Dr. George Wald warned shortly before the first Earth Day in 1970 that civilization would soon end “unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.” Three years before his pr…

Study: Global Warming Has Improved U.S. weather? Obama Global Warming/: Climate Change is the Greatest Threat? What?

The media release is below.
Recent warmer winters may be cooling climate change concern
The vast majority of Americans have experienced more favorable weather conditions over the past 40 years, researchers from New York University and Duke University have found. The trend is projected to reverse over the course of the coming century, but that shift may come too late to spur demands for policy responses to address climate change.
The analysis, published in the journal Nature, found that 80 percent of Americans live in counties where the weather is more pleasant than four decades ago. Winter temperatures have risen substantially throughout the United States since the 1970s, but summers have not become markedly more uncomfortable. The result is that weather has shifted toward a temperate year-round climate that Americans have been demonstrated to prefer.
“Rising temperatures are ominous symptoms of global climate change, but Americans are experien…

Claim: Gradual Decline Of Dinosaurs Before Extinction, Mass Extinction Of Dinosaurs Thought To Have Been Triggered By An Asteroid ? Or Was It The Flood? As Found In Genesis 6 That The Question Here?

So The Question IS Ask Here , If You believe that  Dinosaurs were all kill  Asteroid ? OR You Believe Dinosaurs were all kill in the flood. It,s not that hard.Was Noah’s Flood Global? Did Noah experience a local flood which left only a few sediment layers, as floods do today? God’s record is clear: the water covered the entire globe and killed all the animals on earth. Such unique conditions are the only way to explain worldwide fossil-bearing layers thousands of feet deep.
Local Floods Help Us Understand Noah’s Flood Geology Geologists repeatedly discover the catastrophic effects of local flooding on the earth’s surface, resulting in the same conclusion each time: that substantial amounts of water can have the same geological effect in a short period of time (even laying down rock layers) that hypothesized millions of years of slow water flow would have.
Noah Did More than Build an Ark Like people today, almost certainly the people of Noah’s day were busy enjoying the pleasure…

Liberal Trash Science.,Claim: Ground-level artificial lights disrupt bird migration, You Think Before They Put This Out They Have Again Ask Bird Watching Group's First?


Emails reveal NY AG Schneiderman. other AG’s colluding with Al Gore and greens to investigate climate skeptics

Washington, D.C. (April 15, 2016) – The offices of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D), and other politically-aligned AGs, secretly teamed up with anti-fossil fuel activists in their investigations against groups whose political speech challenged the global warming policy agenda, according to e-mails obtained by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal). E&E Legal released these emails on the heels of a Wall Street Journal report about a January meeting, in which groups funded by the anti-fossil fuel Rockefeller interests met to urge just this sort of government investigation and litigation against their political opponents. After the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) criticized these AGs’ intimidation campaign, the U.S. Virgin Islands’ Claude Earl Walker — one of the AGs working with Schneiderman — subpoenaed ten years of CEI records relating to the global warming issue. The e-mail correspondence between Schneiderman’s staff, the offices of se…

More Liberal Trash Science, Claim: Twentieth century warming allowed moose to colonize the Alaskan tundra

“The average shrub height in 1860 is only an estimate, which is a limitation of the study.” Not science. An unverifiable hypothesis. The media release is below. ### Twentieth century warming allowed moose to colonize the Alaskan tundra
Warming increased shrub availability for foraging, allowed moose to colonize hundreds of miles of tundra
PLOS The establishment of moose in tundra regions of Alaska was the result of warmer and longer summers that increased their shrub habitat, according to a study published April 13, 2016 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Ken Tape from the University of Alaska, USA, and colleagues. Moose, an iconic wildlife presence throughout Alaska, were actually absent from its tundra regions earlier in the 20th century. It was previously speculated that overhunting was responsible for this absence. In the tundra landscape characterized by very short plants, moose must forage on shrubs sticking up above the snow during winter to survive. The authors of the prese…

Dear attorneys general, conspiring against free speech is a crime “The purpose of this subpoena is, it seems quite clear, to punish CEI by making people less willing to donate


Claim: Decrease in air pollution associated with decrease in respiratory symptoms among children False. Since air quality is not associated with childhood asthma in the first place.

The media release is below.

One of the most important things you can do to manage your asthma is to work with your healthcare provider to identify and minimize your exposure to your asthma triggers.

Triggers are allergens, irritants, or conditions that cause your asthma symptoms to worsen. It’s important to know what triggers your asthma symptoms. Triggers vary from person to person, so you should learn which specific ones affect you. While it may be impossible to avoid every single asthma trigger, there may be things you can do to help. Being able to identify and avoid your triggers is important.

Below you’ll find tips on dealing with various types of asthma triggers. If you are able to reduce your exposure to some of these triggers but you still experience asthma symptoms, talk with your healthcare provider.

Select the triggers below to find out more.
COCKROACHES Many people with asthma are allergic to the dried droppings and remains of cockroaches.
Keep food and g…