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Leaked NASA data. No global warming.


Exposed! NOAA Caught Altering Weather Data Ahead of UN Climate Change Me...




Global Warming Hoax Faces Unfathomable Cold in NH? Mount Washington, called Agiocochook by some Native American tribes, is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288 ft and the most prominent mountain east of the Mississippi River. The mountain is notorious for its erratic weatherin New Hampshire Reached An Insane 85 Below This Week.

After liberal dullards Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore released dual climate change movies this year, the northeastern U.S. is seeing massively cold temperatures. It was 35 degrees below zero at 6:40 a.m. with blowing snow, sustained winds of 75 miles per hour and freezing fog, according to the weather observatory atop the mountain.
The wind chill registered at 80 degrees below zero.

The only colder place in the world was Watson Lake, which is located in Canada's Yukon Territory. Temperatures there were 40 degrees below zero, though conditions were calm.
Researchers braved the cold to toss boiling water into the wind, where it froze immediately! See more in the video above.
While many on the left are continuing to perpetrate the great global warming hoax, science and common sense have collided in the late months of 2016 to provide an alternative to the globalist-democrat na…

Death, Suffering, And Instability In Aleppo: Obama's Disastrous Syria Policy? Obama Say That, He Trying To Save The Planet? Look That All Smoke, So Much For Trying To Save The Planet. So Climate Change ( Is Not ) Greatest Threat To Humanity, After All.

The fall of Aleppo demonstrates the grave costs of American inaction. At nearly every turn of the conflict in Syria, the Obama administration yielded the military and strategic initiative to America’s enemies. The results are now plain to see. The death toll in Syria approaches a half-million men, women, and children. Millions more have been displaced, and the largest wave of refugees to reach Europe since World War II has created a crisis on the Continent.

More Berkeley B.S Experimental Claim: Treeline may not shift upward in elevation with warming

Let see again, they did not ask the right person, before putting this out, may -be they should have talk to an "Arborists" First, the one , who spend there life, talking care of tree's without there in put this is all shit.

What the experiment really shows is that warming seedlings with infrared heaters was a fail.

The media release is below. ### Study: Warming could slow upslope migration of trees
Berkeley Lab-led research shows some subalpine trees may have trouble gaining a foothold above the tree line DOE/LAWRENCE BERKELEY NATIONAL LABORATORY Scientists expect trees will advance upslope as global temperatures increase, shifting the tree line–the mountain zone where trees become smaller and eventually stop growing–to higher elevations. Subalpine forests will follow their climate up the mountain, in other words. But new research published Dec. 15 in the journal Global Change Biology suggests this may not hold true for two…

How to Win Climate Change Debate Every Time (Global Warming Hoax)


Dr Roy Spencer - 97% Concensus is Bogus


World-wide, Global Trash Fires Are The Inheritance Of All Liberals? And They Tell Us There Trying to Save The Planet? Fuuny Way Of Doing It?

I think Democrat, Liberal, Progressive fanatics are funny.They are funny to watch melting down over Trump’s win.They are hilarious to watch as they flail and scrabble to invent the next Fake News lie to try and harm or take down their arch-enemy. It’s like in some 1941 serial cliffhanger—the heroic Captain Trump, “strange” visitor from another planet, vs The Evil Dark Scorpion.

Yes, Trump is from Earth. While the prog fanatic followers of The Scorpion are from Planet Nemesis, orbiting and lost on the border of deep space.

Nemesis is a dark world. It’s cold, and swept by black storms of ash and smoke.
But the ash is not from volcanoes. It’s trash fires.

World-wide, global trash fires are the Inheritance of all liberals. Burning, smoky, ash-blown, suffocating bon fires of trash, garbage, and human waste.
Some would say, “wasted humans.”

Because there is nothing to so-called Liberalism. It is a false construct of unreasonable dreams, phony lies, and impossible utopian “paradis…

Measuring Sea Level Is a Suspect Art?

A catastrophic rise in sea level is one of the calamities anticipated by those who believe in climate change.  The believers and the skeptics can carry on a scientific discussion about this matter only if they actually know what the current sea level is and how it has been behaving.  Both sides tend to accept that data published by NASA and NOAA regarding measured year-to-year changes in sea level fit the bill.  But are those numbers accurate and scientifically credible?  Conceptual problems associated with identifying sea level combined with the technological limitations on how we go about taking measurements make that unlikely.

NOAA and NASA claim that sea level is currently rising about an eighth of an inch per year.  This is more or less equivalent to the stack height of just two quarters.  However, neither of the two measurement systems upon which estimates of sea level rely can measure so precisely.  The two measurement systems are tide gauges in coastal areas and …