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Bastardi: No Michael Mann — Climate change did not cause Hurricane Harvey

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi takes down fake Nobelist Michael Mann’s lame effort in the Guardian to link climate with Hurricane Harvey.

By Joe Bastardi
August 29, 2017, Reprinted with the permission of
Dr. Mann at PSU has outdone himself. Back when New England had their famed February with snow and cold, he made the claim a warm eddy some 350 miles ESE of New England was enhancing water vapor and leading to extra snow. But:
If he plotted trajectories from the storms he would see that the air from that source could not get back over New England since the mean flow would lead to enhanced snows in the Canadian Maritimes.Convective feedback from such warm eddies would act to PULL STORMS OUT TO SEA.The mean water vapor surface to 700 mb was BELOW NORMAL in New England in Feb 2015. The extra snow was high ratio snow with great crystal growth soundings because of the cold! This is why climatologists should be forced to forecast for a year, so they can get an apprecia…

Brian Williams aka Mike Mac trolling profile list

So Let take a count here give or take it come down to right around 420 troll profile and counting, he will hit 1000 easy bye the end of the year, you got watch

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