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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Progressives Waste Little Time Pushing Environmental Agenda After Oklahoma Earthquake? Blaming Fracking Again? The First Record Earthquake Was In March 23, 893 AD, In Ardabil ,Iran, Really They Fracking Then? Claim Debunked Again

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sunamis and fires have contributed to some of the largest death tolls in earthquakes. Here are the most notable known earthquake events, based on the number of deaths. Both deaths and magnitudes, when shown, are estimates.

January 23, 1556
China, Shansi
Damage up to 270 miles away
July 27, 1976
China, Tangshan
255,000 (official)
655,000 (estimated)
Estimated death toll as high as 655,000.
Dec. 26, 2004Sumatra, Indonesia
Deaths from earthquake and tsunami
August 9, 1138
Syria, Aleppo

Jan. 12, 2010Haiti
1.3 million displaced.
May 22, 1927
China, near Xining
Large fractures.
December 22, 856+
Iran, Damghan

December 16, 1920
China, Gansu
Major fractures, landslides.
March 23, 893
Iran, Ardabil

September 1, 1923
Japan, Kanto
Great Tokyo fire.
October 5, 1948
(Turkmenistan, Ashgabat)

December 28, 1908
Italy, Messina
70,000 to 100,000
Deaths from earthquake and tsunami.
September, 1290
China, Chihli

May 12, 2008Sichuan, China
More than 45.5 million affected
Oct. 8, 2005Pakistan
More than 69,000 injured
November, 1667
Caucasia, Shemakha

November 18, 1727
Iran, Tabriz

November 1, 1755
Portugal, Lisbon
Great tsunami.
December 25, 1932
China, Gansu

May 31, 1970
$530,000,000 damage, great rock slide, floods.
Asia Minor, Silicia

January 11, 1693
Italy, Sicily

May 30, 1935
Pakistan, Quetta
30,000 to 60,000
Quetta almost completely destroyed.
February 4, 1783
Italy, Calabria

June 20, 1990

Saturday, September 3, 2016

This is your brain on feminism: Undoomed vs The Godzilla feminist.

Things Girls Do When They Have A Crush!

Things Girls Do When They Like A Guy

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Things Guys Do That Girls LOVE

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Strong Oklahoma Earthquake Felt From Nebraska to Texas, Just Wait Al Gore And Friend's, Will Blame This On Global Warming , You Know As In Global Warming Will Cause More Earthquake?

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It may sound ridiculous, but scientists say there may be a link between global warming, volcanoes and tectonic plates beneath the surface that cause earthquakes. Newsweek has jumped on the global warming-earthquake link, reporting that the “mechanism here is rather more mundane [than a Hollywood blockbuster], though potentially no less devastating.”

Read more:

One of the largest earthquakes in Oklahoma was felt Saturday morning from Nebraska to North Texas.
The 5.6 magnitude earthquake happened at 7:02 a.m. Saturday in north-central Oklahoma, The United States Geological Survey said. That ties for Oklahoma's strongest earthquake on record, the first coming in November 2011.

People in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri; Fayetteville, Arkansas; Des Moines, Iowa; and Norman, Oklahoma, all reported feeling the earthquake. Dallas TV station WFAA tweeted that the quake shook their studios, too.

An increase in magnitude 3.0 or greater earthquakes in Oklahoma has been linked to underground disposal of wastewater from oil and natural gas production. State regulators have asked producers to reduce wastewater disposal volumes in earthquake-prone regions of the state. Some parts of Oklahoma now match northern California for the nation's most shake prone, and one Oklahoma region has a 1 in 8 chance of a damaging quake in 2016, with other parts closer to 1 in 20.
Saturday's quake was centered about 9 miles northwest of Pawnee, Oklahoma. Earlier this week, the same spot, which is about 70 miles northeast of Oklahoma City, saw a magnitude 3.2 temblor.
Sean Weide in Omaha, Nebraska, told The Associated Press that he'd never been in an earthquake before and thought he was getting dizzy. Weide said he and one of his daughters "heard the building start creaking" and said it "was surreal."

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Prohibited Images Of Prostitution In The Victorian Era, Tell.Us Again, How Global Warming Causes More Prostitution? Really? Proving Again, That Social Justice Warriors Are Idiots.

The Nazis And Prostitution Documentary, Tell.Us Again, How Global Warming Causes More Prostitution? Really? Proving Again, That Social Justice Warriors Are Idiots.

Sex for Sale: World's Oldest Profession - Documentary TV Tell.Us Again, How Global Warming Causes More Prostitution? Really? Proving Again, That Social Justice Warriors Are Idiots.

10 Reasons Nigerian Men Patronize Prostitutes, Tell. Me Again, How Global Warming Causes More Prostitution? Really? Proving Again, That Social Justice Warriors Are Idiots.

The Oldest Prostitute In The World's, Tell. Me Again, How Global Warming Causes More Prostitution? Really? Proving Again, That Social Justice Warriors Are Idiots.

South Central Los Angeles - Oldest Profession On Earth, Tell. Me Again, How Global Warming Causes More Prostitution? Really? California Democrat Barbara Lee Claims Global Warming Will Turn Women Into Prostitutes? Proving Again, That Social Justice Warriors Are Idiots.

Lee introduced House Concurrent Resolution 29, warning that women will be forced into “transactional sex” to get enough food and clean water — all because global warming will create “conflict and instability” in the world.
“Women will disproportionately face harmful impacts from climate change,” Lee’s resolution reads. It continues claiming, “Food insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health.”Lee’s document goes on to urge Congress to agree on the “disparate impacts of climate change on women,” and goes on to demand that Congress use “gender-sensitive frameworks in developing policies to address climate change.”
Lee also charges that women, who are “often underrepresented in the development and formulation of policy regarding adaptation to climate change,” are doubtless in the best position to offer policy ideas.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ted Cruz: "Global Warming" Is Not Science -- It’s Religion’

who grew up in a scientific household – both of his parents are mathematicians – said a recent exchange he had with the president of the Sierra Club further affirmed that “climate change is not science" but is "religion,” and he added that climate change disciples use the “language” of religion, regardless of scientific facts, to push their doctrine.
“Just a couple weeks ago in the Senate I chaired a hearing where the president of the Sierra Club testified,” said Senator Cruz in an Oct. 28  interview on The Blaze TV. “We had an exchange, where I simply asked him about the data.”

“He had no idea about that,” said Cruz.  “He turned to his aides every minute or two.”
“You know, part of the reason he didn’t know the facts?” said Cruz.  “Because climate change is not science -- it’s religion.”

Look at the language where they call you a denier,” said the senator.  “Denier is not the language of science.”
Look, I’m the child of two scientists,” he said.  “My parents are both mathematicians, computer programmers. My dad was a self-taught geophysicist. The essence of the scientific method is to start with a hypothesis and then look to evidence to disprove the hypothesis. You’re not trying to prove it. You’re trying to disprove it.”
“Any good scientist is a skeptic,” said the senator.  “If he’s not, he or she should not be a scientist. But yet the language of the global warming alarmists, ‘denier’ is the language of religion. It’s heretic. You are a blasphemer.”
Cruz continued, “The response from the Sierra Club: ‘We have decreed this is the answer, you must accept it.’ And so he didn’t know his facts because he just knew his religion.”

According to Dr. John Christy, professor of atmospheric science and director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama, the Earth’s temperature has “plateaued,” and there has been no global warming over the last 18 years.
“That’s basically a fact. There’s not much to comment on,”Christy told last fall when his data were released. Christy and other scientists compiled their data from actual raw temperatures collected from 14 instruments on various weather satellites. 
"I predicted this in 1999," Dr. Don Easterbrook, a climate scientist and glacier expert from Washington State, said of the 18-year period with no global warming. "My prediction has now happened." 
"The same year the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) models were predicting that the Earth would warm by one degree per decade, I was predicting that the Earth would cool for the next three decades," he noted. "They were way off the mark, while my prediction is still on target."

Obama Botches Global Warming Myth In Lake Tahoe Speech

Barack Obama made a stop at Lake Tahoe on Wednesday to talk climate change, spending, and environmental regulation — distorting science along the way.

The president was addressing the 20th Lake Tahoe summit, along with leading Democratic legislators from across the region.
Obama asserted that climate change is “manmade,” as a matter of dogma: “It’s not ‘I’m not a scientist, so I don’t know.’ You don’t have to be a scientist. You have to read or listen to scientists,” he said.
He then conflated anthropogenic climate change, which is a theory of how burning fossil fuels may raise overall global surface temperatures, with ordinary environmental conservation, which refers to protecting a specific resource from overuse or pollution from identifiable, proximate causes. “So conservation is critical not just for one particular spot … We embrace conservation because healthy and diverse lands and waters help us build resilience to climate change,” the president claimed.
“[B]ecause climate and conservation are challenges that go hand in hand, our conservation mission is more urgent than ever,” the president said, building up to a case for more money to be spent on Lake Tahoe, on top of $2 billion already spent on it. He touted his administration’s environmental policies — including the unconstitutional Clean Power Plan, which threatens the coal industry — and talked up the Paris climate change agreement, which was designed to evade a Senate ratification vote.
Along the way, he made another glaringly unscientific claim — namely, that as a result of his administration’s new fuel economy standards, “during the first half of this year, carbon pollution hit its lowest level in a quarter century.”

The reason carbon “pollution” (a misleading term, since carbon dioxide is not toxic) began falling, before Obama took office, is because of a switch to natural gas, largely through fracking — often over the objections of Democrats and the federal government.