White House: No, Obama Isn’t Undermining His Global Warming Fear Mongering Message by Flying All the Way Down to Florida for Earth Day

was called a “provocative question,” and got a few chuckles from reporters, but the bottom line is that President Barack Obama is not conflicted about taking the gas-guzzling Air Force One to Florida on Earth Day to talk about the dangers of climate change.
CBS News reporter Mark Knoller asked White House press secretary Josh Earnest whether the president risks “undermining his message when he flies to the Everglades on a 747, hundreds of miles, to make a statement about climate change?”
After laughter, one reporter remarked, “He could drive.” Another said, “He could take a van.”

Earnest called Knoller’s inquiry a “provocative question.” Then he answered it.
“No he doesn’t.”
Obama will travel to the Florida Everglades Wednesday, Earth Day, to deliver an address on climate change.
“The president believes there are important changes we can make to reduce carbon pollution in this country and we can do it in a way that will be good for our economy,” Earnest said. “That is the point he will make at the Everglades and he is looking forward to the trip.”
Knoller followed, “Does he try to minimize the carbon footprint that he leaves whenever he goes anywhere?”
Earnest referred the question to the Department of Defense, which is in charge of presidential transportation.
The Air Force did not immediately response to an inquiry from TheBlaze about what actions are taken to reduce the carbon footprint for presidential travel.