US taxpayers subsidising world's biggest fossil fuel companies

  • A jobs subsidy scheme worth $78m to Marathon Petroleum in Ohio began in 2011, when the company made $2.4bn in profit.  At a time when scientists tell us we need to reduce carbon pollution to prevent catastrophic climate change,
  • it is absurd to provide massive taxpayer subsidies that pad fossil-fuel companies’ already enormous profits,” said senator Bernie Sanders, who announced on 30 April he is running for presidentSanders, with representative Keith Ellison, recently proposed an End Polluter Welfare Act, which they say would cut $135bn of US subsidies for fossil fuel companies over the next decade. “Between 2010 and 2014, the oil, coal, gas, utility, and natural resource extraction industries spent $1.8bn on lobbying, much of it in defence of these giveaways,” according to Sanders and Ellison

Wow, The guardian.bitch and compliant s about this but, dose not bat an eye at forcing Pro Life to pay to kill baby, 

The Guardian turn a blind eye to forcing Pro Life and other to pay for Birth Control,

The Guardian turn a blind eye to forcing everyone buy heath care , also force employer cover heath care for worker,cost mean nothing to them, 

  The guardian want everyone to jump on Al Gore Band Wagon? 

 Then to add more they use on Sanders  A Socialist and Ellison. a Progressive, great souses Of Information

 But Were Is The guardian.bitching and complimenting About This? The Billionaire Report continues by describing the cozy relationship many environmental groups have with the executive branch?
So guardian think It just awesome that U.S taxpayers should ever stop subsidizing the Environmental Movement? Of course they do .Then The guardian.bitch and compliant s about subsidizing world's biggest fossil fuel companies subsidies granted by politicians who received significant campaign contributions,

But Again The guardian say nothing  about politicians who received received significant campaign contributions for America’s environmental movement? 

The guardian Could care-less about  politicians who received significant campaign contributions for George Soros
 The billionaire, who ranks at #29 on Forbes' list of billionaires (#19 in the United States) 

Over the past fifty years, America’s environmental movement has grown from college kids adorning flowers to a billion dollar industry. With huge budgets to employ lobbyists, lawyers, and public relations professionals, many of America’s leading environmental non-profits are unrecognizable from their modest beginnings. What may seem like an organic, disparate movement is actually a well oiled machine that receives its funding from a handful of super rich liberal donors operating behind the anonymity of foundations and charities, according to a new report out today by the Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW).