Mexico Prepares For Aftermath As Patricia Weakens Over Landfall Al Gore Will Try To Blame As They All way do On Global Warming

Hurricane Patricia pushed quickly over small hamlets in mountainous western Mexico early Saturday as it weakened to a tropical storm from a record-breaking Category 5 storm while dumping torrential rains that spurred fears of major flooding and deadly mudslides.
Patricia hurtled towards Mexico as the strongest hurricane on record in the Western Hemisphere and made landfall Friday on an isolated stretch of Mexico’s Pacific coast--avoiding direct hits on the resort haven of Puerto Vallarta and major port city of Manzanillo.
There were initial reports of flooding and landslides, but no word of fatalities or major damage as the hurricane moved over the mountains overnight. Television news reports from the coast showed toppled trees and lampposts, and barren streets. Some highways were blocked by mudslides. Milenio TV showed footage of cars and buses being swept by floodwaters in the state of Jalisco.


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