AL Gore Global Warming Scam Is Finally Unraveling, SCIENTISTS CLAIM ANOTHER ICE AGE ON THE WAY?

Earth faces another ICE AGE within 15 YEARS as Russian scientists discover Sun 'cooling'

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THE Earth is heading towards another ice age as solar magnetic activity is set to drop by up to 60 per cent in the next 15 years.

“Experts say that 
solar activity as low as it currently is has not been seen since the mini-ice age that took place between 1645 and 1715 – a period known as the Maunder Minimum where the entire Thames froze over.While many in the science world have already come to the conclusion that global warming just isn’t happening, a group of Russian scientists is finding evidence of a much more distinct trend, and are warning of a mini ice age affecting the plant in less than two decades.
“A new model has allowed experts to predict solar activity with more accuracy than ever before and it suggests that magnetic activity will fall by 60 per cent between 2030 and 2040.
“The model looks at the Sun’s ’11-year heartbeat’ – the period it takes for magnetic activity to fluctuate. This cycle was first discovered some 173 years ago.”
The significance here is that liberal minds all over the planet have been exploring the global warming hoax to shape governmental policy and regulation, often times interfering with the free market.  Their cheap propaganda of swimming polar bears and natural glacial calving plays on the heartstrings of eco-warriors everywhere, and carries with it no scientific reality.


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