For snow to fall, all of the layers of air that the snow falls through once it leaves the cloud must be sub-freezing.

Global Warming will likely cause more snow, ice and bitter cold?
At least, that what the liberal media is pushing this week.
Actual headline:
The US just suffered through its coldest winter on record.
Antarctica sea ice set an all-time record this year.
The global warming temperature pause has now extended over 17 years.
Despite this data, the liberal media is going the extra mile to push their global warming scam on the American public. posted this headline earlier this week:
Global warming likely to cause colder and snowier winters, scientists say
Scientists now believe that global warming is to blame for extreme cold snaps in North America during the winter months – and that it will only keep happening.
The “polar vortex” that plunged Canada and the U.S. into historical cold last winter is said by researchers to have occurred because melting polar ice changes weather patterns, according to a study published earlier this month.
A team of Korean and American scientists asserted in a new study that the melting ice causes the northern jet stream (upper level air flow) to shift south and bring polar air with it.
You just can’t make this stuff up.


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