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As Rainstorm Pummels West Coast, Kerry Links Extreme Weather to Climate Change?

A major storm in California and the Pacific Northwest has caused hurricane-force winds and dumped more than seven inches of rain in the worst-hit areas. The storm knocked out power to tens of thousands of homes and canceled several hundred flights. It moved southward overnight, prompting new evacuations. Speaking at the U.N. climate summit in Lima, Peru, Secretary of State John Kerry linked the storm to worsening extreme weather under climate change, which he said poses a major threat 22 years after the Earth Summit in Rio.
Secretary of State John Kerry: "This morning, I woke up in Washington to the television news of a super-storm rainfall in California and Washington state –-torrential, record-breaking rain in record-breaking short time. It’s become commonplace now to hear of record-breaking climate events. But this is 2014, 22 years later, and we’re still on a course leading to tragedy."
Kerry spoke on the eve of the climate summit’s last scheduled day of talks.


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