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Yup, Bill Nye the Science Guy is going to be on season 17 of ‘Dancing With the Stars.

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Bill Nye hyped "climate change" in relation to Hurricane Irma during a recent run-in with TMZ.
Nye alluded to “climate deniers,” a term coined by leftists to mear those who reject the narrative of “climate change."
Partial transcript below.
TMZ: Quick question.
NYE: Yeah, sure.
TMZ: You know, we're going through Hurricane Irma, right now, we have Harvey and Jose and Katia building up steam, is this the new normal?
NYE: Well, we’ll see. It’s hard to connect any one storm to climate change, but there’s more heat energy in the atmosphere, so you’d expect stronger storms.
TMZ: So you don’t see it as a direct connection?
I see it as a connection, but as I say, the deniers will find a way to show that you can’t connect any one storm [to climate change]. But, this is probably the future. We’ve been talking about it for thirty years. It would be great to get to work. Wouldn’t it be great to be a world leader instead of a sit-on-your-handser? It’s a very expensive thing. I was in Florida right after Hurricane Andrew. It was a mess, and people died. It’s a mess. We’ve gotta do something.


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