Global Warming Fanatic Robert Redford Stars in Ads Calling for Action Against Climate Change: Redford says, “I just hope [Obama] has the courage of his convictions.”

The actor calls on President Obama to cut carbon emissions from coal plants in a series of TV ads and an online and social media campaign.

Environmental activist and actor Robert Redford has enlisted in a multimedia campaign to push President Barack Obama to act on his promises concerning climate change by making coal-fired power plants cut the carbon pollution they produce.
Redford is starring in a series of ads and TV commercials for a major environmental group, the Natural Resources Defense Council, which plans to run ads on TV, online and on social media.

In the ad called "Courage of His Convictions," Redford points out the impact of climate change and asks viewers to help him lobby the president to take action using the Clean Air Act to set standards that would lower emissions from coal-fired power plants which he says are a major cause of climate change. The ads will run in Washington, D.C. on TV for the next week, and will be promoted online, on social network sites and through a publicity campaign.

“Four months ago (at his second inaugural),” Redford says in the TV ad, “President Obama spoke of our obligation to combat climate change, saying failure to do so would betray our children and future generations. I just hope he has the courage of his convictions.”

In October, Redford will be seen in the movie All Is Lost, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. It is about a man stranded at sea when his sailboat springs a leak.


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